SPM Alumni

Academic Staff

Dr. Tharaka Dissanayake

Research interests are in designing small antennas for mobile wireless devices, implanted UWB antennas, Antenna arrays for radar and MIMO systems, Wireless power transfer using EM methods, UWB Microwave imaging techniques, Numerical simulations and modelling techniques for EM engineering.

Prof. Peter J. Schreier

Since February 2011, I have been Professor and Head of the Signal and System Theory Group at the Universität Paderborn, Germany. Please visit my new group website at sst.upb.de.

Dr. Mehmet Rasit Yuce

Research interests are low-power VLSI circuits for communications,highly integrated, low-cost, new receiver architectures in CMOS technology, and emerging technologies in wireless communications such as software radio and cognitive radio design.

Dr Vikram A. Chandrasetty

Vikram Arkalgud Chandrasetty received Bachelor Degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Bangalore University (India) in 2004, Master Degree in VLSI System Design from Coventry University (UK) in 2008 and PhD in Computer Systems Engineering from University of South Australia (Australia) in 2012. He also held engineering design positions at various semiconductor organizations. He is an author of the book 'VLSI Design' published by Springer.



Dr. Peter Dower

Stability analysis for dynamical systems, including input to state stability (ISS).

Dissipative systems and optimal control.

Numerical methods in optimization and control.

Optimization and control design applications in optical systems.

Thomas Schön

Thomas Schön was born in Sweden in 1977. In Feb. 2006 he received the PhD degree in Control Engineering from the Division of Automatic Control, Linköping University. In September 2001 he received the MSc degree in Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering and in February 2001 he received the BSc degree in Business Administration and Economics, both from Linköping University.

Post-Doctoral Fellows

Dr. Geoff Knagge

Geoff's expertise is the development and optimisation of algorithms for implementation in VLSI devices (ASICs and FPGAs) and DSPs. Previous application areas have included Model-Predictive Control project, audio and acoustic processing for sonar applications, and multiuser detection and MIMO for next generation wireless communications. Part of this has involved the development of the c4Hardware and c4HDL projects to assist in the modelling of hardware designs.

Geoff currently provides software and DSP engineering services to a sonar technologies company, as well as working on other short term consulting projects. These involve the modelling, implementation, and optimisation, of algorithms for DSPs, specialised processors, and Desktop environments.

Dr. Björn Rüffer

Björn has now taken a position with the University of Melbourne. Please refer to http://bjoern.rueffer.info for his latest research and contact information.

Postgraduate Students

Dale Bates

Research interests are OFDM synchronisation techniques and carrier frequency offset estimation methods for 3GPP LTE systems.

Ian Griffiths

I completed my undergradute studies in Computer Engineering in 2005. For my honours project I worked on implementing a 2x2 MIMO system using the Alamouti code on the first version of the testbed. I am currently investigating applications of Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) algorithms to MIMO communications systems as part of my postgraduate studies.

Soren Henriksen

Working with Markov-Chain Monte-Carlo analysis for multi-user detection and applications to system identification. My work with SPM also includes hardware design and embedded software development related to the MIMO wireless testbed. I have experience in the implementation and refinement of computational algorithms and have completed a masters degree in Electrical Engineering at the University of Newcastle with a project implementing predictive current control for induction machines on an FPGA.


Alan Murray

Alan was awarded BEng (Comp) (Hons 1) and BCompSc Degrees as well as a GCertIC from the University of Newcastle in 2005 and 2007 respectively.

Previous to this, he completed an internship in the summer of 2003/2004 with the University of Newcastle working on a wireless communications testbed. In 2004 he was awarded the Agere Systems Australia and Australian Microelectronics Network's Undergraduate Award for Excellence in Microelectronics Design and Telecommunications Engineering which saw him complete a summer internship in 2004/2005 with the Agere Systems Sydney Design Office.

In 2005, Alan completed his honours project in conjunction with Agere Systems Australia. He has since been working on his PhD Thesis work on Microelectronics for Wireless Communications as part of the University of Newcastle Signal Processing Microelectronics group.


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